4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Paris

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If you haven’t yet figured out why many people have made it a point to visit Paris, France’s capital city, it is likely that you haven’t gone to Paris, the “City of light” yet. If you are thinking about going for a much needed vacation from your work’s stresses and pressure, or you have thought about visiting other places, why not decide on going to Paris then? Here are a few reasons why you should visit Paris:

Visit Paris to see and explore world famous landmarks. Paris is known to have iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower which was originally built in 1889 as a temporary construction but remains standing to this day and became the ultimate symbol of Paris. Other world famous landmarks that can be seen and appreciated in Paris are the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris which was built in the 12th century; and the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe. These world famous places and landmarks can only be seen and appreciated in Paris.

Visit Paris to have a glimpse of the past. One can have a glimpse of the world’s past by visiting historical landmarks such as the 13th century Sainte Chapelle, and the Palace of Versailles. In addition to this, arts and artifacts made during the middle ages are available at the Musée Cluny and those that have been created during the impressionist eras are at the Musée d’Orsay. You can also visit Invalides museum, the burial place of one of France’s most famous personalities and one of the World’s most successful conquerors, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Visit Paris to see famous works of established painters and artists. The city houses the Louvre museum, considered as one of the world’s most important museums and which is home to the famous Mona Lisa and the Last Supper of world renowned genius Leonardo da Vinci. The Louvre reportedly hosts up to 6 million visitors a year who are eager to see the world’s most famous paintings and works of art. You can also see the works of Pablo Picasso and Rodin in the Musée Picasso and Musée Rodin respectively.

Visit Paris to experience the world’s best food. Paris is known to be home of the finest foods and drinks in the whole world. Take a sip of the Parisian coffees and have a taste of world famous Paris gourmet and pastries. By visiting Paris, you will understand why Paris caters one of the world’s finest foods and drinks.

The next time you are planning a well deserved vacation, make it a point to have Paris as one of your destinations. You will not regret visiting a world class city with the elegance no other places in the world can bring.

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