6 Places to Visit During an African Safari in Namibia

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Namibia is an ideal destination for those wanting the full African safari experience, and not short of places to visit:

Etosha National Park

This is one of the best African safari game reserves you can find, with its waterholes attracting tens of thousands of thirsty animals during the dry season. Otherwise the land is composed mostly of sparse shrubbery and silvery sands, and has a stark beauty all of its own. The roads are very well developed, meaning that a self-drive safari is perfectly possible if you want some independence.

The Kalahari

It might be the world’s largest continuous stretch of sand, but it’s not technically a desert due to its modest amount of annual rainfall. This means that the Kalahari plains are home to luscious vegetation and woodland, not to mention wildlife galore; a combination that really makes it an ideal safari destination. In this surreal and endless space you can also arrange a meeting with the indigenous San Bushmen, whose “clicking” language is fascinating to hear.

Fish River Canyon

Africa’s largest natural gorge, this canyon is a truly spectacular natural wonder and a must-see for anyone planning an African safari holiday to Namibia. Over 500 million year old, this canyon suddenly drops vertically downwards for half a kilometre with absolutely no warning. The Fish River Hiking Trail is the country’s most popular hiking trail, taking approximately four days and covering 86km.


Part of the Namib Desert, these towering sand dunes are the highest in the world, and are a breathtaking sight. This is a constantly shifting landscape as the winds continuously push the sands further inland, creating dazzling patterns and shapes. A climb up one of these dunes will give you a spectacular panoramic view of the entire area.


A narrow 44km strip of land in the far north-east, this is the wettest region in Namibia, and home to wetlands, rivers and floodplains. Home to aquatic creatures like crocodiles and rhino, and of course a multitude of other game and bird species, the wildlife is a great attraction here – as too are the raging rapids known as the Popa Falls.

The Skeleton Coast

It might take its ominous name from the many shipwrecks that litter its beaches along with the washed-up bleached bones of seals and whales, but the landscape in this region is in fact very varied, with undulating sand dunes giving way to volcanic canyons and majestic mountain ranges. Still, this remains one of the most atmospheric destinations for an African safari.

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