A Guide on Traveling to Cyprus

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Safe Cyprus enjoys an extremely low crime rate compared to other European holiday destinations and that is why it has become so popular with potential investors who have seen Cyprus as a secure investment when it comes to purchasing property. You will notice immediately the relaxing tone that life in Cyprus endures, where crime is not a day to day problem and some compare the Island to prewar Britain.

Nowadays every European citizen can go and work in EU member countries and Cyprus is no different, so the idea of going to live in Cyprus is that more attractive if you are able earn a living there too.

Any European Citizen who decides to Work in Cyprus will have to register at the Alien Central Register. Once you have registered you can look for work either at the job center or privately. A residence permit must be applied for within the first three months of living there.

When it comes to living in a country it is always a good idea to make as many savings as possible. One great alternative in Cyprus is solar energy as it’s both cheap to run and install and will only take about five years to cover your total costs. Another effective saving is on water as you are able to bore your own well. With a government license and about 360 in costs you will actually be provided with a free water source.

If you have a business and would like to move to Cyprus you will have no problem in acquiring a property as along it were to be used for the running that business. Permanent residents in Cyprus have to pay tax on world wide earnings but the good news is that they have almost the lowest rate in Europe , and this is extremely beneficial for people who retire there.

Compared with the majority of other European Countries, Cyprus remains on the least expensive places to live in and you will find that it is relatively cheaper as regards living expenses. Many of the previous points outline just why so many people are choosing to come and live in Sunny Cyprus.

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