A Vacation in South India

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South India is a great place to spend a vacation. There are numerous interesting spots in this wonder land where one can enjoy a wonderful vacation. Some of them are a vacation at the lovely beaches, at magical backwaters, visiting beautiful hill stations and wonderful monuments, enjoying the beauty of heritage sites of temples, engrossing in a wildlife tour and revitalizing in an ayurvedic resort.

Whether it is for honeymoon, or just for a leisure holiday South India is a wonderful place to spend a memorable vacation. The South Indian States are Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Andhra Pradesh has a long stretch of nearly 1000-kms of naturally enriched coastline with scenic beaches. Karnataka has 320-kms long coastline with a picture perfect world of fascinating palm-fringed beaches.The beaches of Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of India have got a charm of their own and also has a credit of having the second longest beach in the world.

Kerala, the greenest state of India, has 900-kms long coastline with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms that attract lot of tourists from all over the world. These beaches are renowned for the gentle and blue waters, making a beach vacation exciting. Goa is another great beach destination with 100 kms long coastline, for any beach lover.

South India has enchanting hill stations to spend a delightful summer vacation in all the four states.

Some of them are Munnar (Kerala), Coorg (Karnataka), Ooty (Tamil Nadu) and Horsely Hill (Andhra Pradesh).

This charming land, Destination South India, also offers great heritage sites to enjoy amazing sculptures of Indian temples created by highly skilled artisans, which are centuries old.

The backwaters of South India are yet another great tourist attraction in this captivating land.

South India is also a land of temples. You can find numerous temples with remarkable carvings in every state. This delightful land is also dotted with churches, mosques and jain temples.

Those who love to spend a cultural holiday this marvelous land is a place for consideration. You can find various cultures in this greeny land.

South India’s place in Medical Tourism is also not at the back. There are specialty hospitals, clinics

and health centers that can compete with the best healthcare facilities available in the world. Kerala’s Ayurveda treatments and massages are world famous.

Apart from the above, this alluring land is also famous for ecotourism and spiritual tourism.

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