Aion Leveling Guide – Your Companion For the Best Places and Quests For Power Leveling

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When you have chosen to play an Asmodian character in Aion, the first thing in your mind is to learn fast on the fastest way to level up. Every gamer can tell you that it is easier to say than actually to do it. The journey is full of pitfalls and difficulties but it is possible. For fast leveling process, read these tips.

Basically, there are two things you should focus on during game play if you are serious about leveling up. These are places to travel and quests to accept. Your success on leveling largely depends on these two factors, so you may be wondering on how to accomplish either of these.

Many gamers find that finding a good place for questing an enviable task by itself. It does not have to be this way. Keep in mind that a good place normally contains a lot of quests and the traveling time is short. Traveling time is determined by the duration of travel from north to south and so on. The maximum travel time should be five minutes or else it is not a place for you to level up.

The second factor of leveling is choosing the right quests. You must only select the best quests available. Do not make the mistakes of choosing the wrong ones or you cannot level up as fast and end up wasting valuable time doing so. To maximize your chance, it is crucial that you only take the shortest traveling route. Always take into consideration the greatest payoffs for the quests. It takes good decision making to accept quests that gives the highest rewards in relative to its time for completion.

This brings us to how to make a good decision based on the trade offs between time of questing and their rewards. If the quests only require you for ten minutes or less, they are safe to accept. Decline all quests that take you more than fifteen minutes. You need to do a lot of research to know the best places and quests.

Many people avoid doing research exactly for the reason that it is boring and time consuming. A lot of people skip this step and spend months trying to reach the top level in Aion. Increasingly, it has become a requirement for gamers who wish to complete all levels to get a Aion leveling guide. These guides are very helpful and come with screenshots and maps you can use right away.

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