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Open up your wallet right now, and chances are you’ll find a credit card. Credit cards have evolved from a “only businessmen” item to an item for everyone now. For those that want a “businessman” approach, look towards American Express. Though this may sound cliche, American Express appears to be aimed more so at businesses than the average buyer. The main reason for this is that American Express is not as widely accepted as other cards such as MasterCard and Visa. This may be for the fact that American Express is more of a “businesslike” card.

American Express has many different versions of cards for different people. The Blue card, which has no fee and has the membership rewards. Then there’s the “Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.” This card allows you to earn Delta SkyMiles, which you can then redeem for Flight Awards with Delta. “Preferred Rewards Gold Card” is the next one, which has no spending limit, and allows you to pay in full. The next card is the “Platinum Business Credit Card”, which allows you to pay over time and has no fees for 12 months.

American Express is also useful for small businesses, having tools including an open forum where you can discuss with other small business owners. You can also get tips on how to manage your small business’s finances. This along with a good mindset can help you achieve good business if you’re running a small business. What if you’re running a larger corporation though, and not a small business? American Express offers Corporate Card Programs too! (See their corporate page for more info). They also have business travel solutions, which can be used to assist you when traveling.

Are you a merchant? Try American Express’ merchant tools. With this, American Express can help you to get ads posted in print, such as magazines and newspapers. You can also get Gift Cards, which are prepaid credit cards that have a spending limit for you to gift money safely with others. Lastly, merchants have free access to customer service to get help on any problems you may have.

Like Visa, American Express has also introduced “Prepaid” cards, which work much like a gift card that can be used anywhere that accepts American Express. This allows parents that want to give teens money that they cannot easily lose an alternative. The prepaid cards also can be refilled, and have many of the same advantages of a regular American Express, minus a checking account and PIN number. Unlike Visa, American Express offers “Specialty” cards, which can be gotten in “Birthday, Dining, Movie, Kids, Teens, Bride and Groom, and Thank You” varieties.

Overall, American Express is a good choice if you are a small business/using your credit card online/etc. However, if you’re looking for a good choice for personal credit card, I’d look into Visa, as they have a reliable customer service, as well as being very user friendly. (Though the same could be said about MasterCard.) American Express overall is an outstanding card, that has a good history, and I highly recommend it to new businesses.

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