Angkor Wat – The Best Time To Visit The Beautiful Place

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Angkor Wat is truly one of the most breathtaking wonders of the world. This is a massive temple which is often described as the lost city of Angkor. The huge collections of ruins in Angkor Wat attract a lot of visitors from around the world. In Cambodia, the Angor Wat Temple Complex is regarded as one of the most visited destinations. Even though there are several other temples located in the area, this particular establishment is the most amazing one due to several reasons. If you want to know about the best time to visit this place then you can go on and read the below mentioned article carefully.


You should avoid visiting this place between the months of May and October. This is the time when Cambodia experiences heavy rainfall. The irrigation and drainage system in Cambodia is not very good and so you need to visit this place accordingly. The best time to visit Angkor Wat is between the months of November and March. This is the driest season and so the visitors can bring in their casual clothing lines. April is another month when you need to avoid traveling to this place. April is regarded as the hottest month and it can get very uncomfortable to roam around in the stone ruins of Angkor Wat.

The right time of Day

There are several times during the day when it is better to visit this place as the pictures you click look better during the daytime. Visiting this temple early in the morning is the best time to visit this place. You can easily click some amazing pictures early in the morning. In order to get much more interesting pictures you can come around in the evening. During this time, several religious meetings are held which can prove to be really breathtaking for the visitors. You can indulge in such meetings and click some memorable pictures. Sunset is one of the best times to visit this place as sunlight allows you to click some great pictures. If you want to see more crowds then you should come here early in the morning.

So that’s all about the Angkor Wat Temple. These are some of the most important things that you must remember about Angkor Wat. This article will surely offer you some great help if you want to know more about the best time to come here.

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