Benchmade Knife Company Known For Great Knives

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Benchmade Knife Company is a very good knife company. Located out of Oregon City, Oregon. It is Run by Roberta and Les De Asis. Benchmade makes many different styles of knives, Products that are good for the military, law-enforcement, search and rescue, as well as most of your outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and camping. Benchmade Knives also makes knives for cutlery. Many of these knives are pocket knives, folding knives and hunting knives.

Benchmade started in California in the year 1988. Then in 1990 moved to Clackamas, Oregon, where it became a leader in the manufacturer of Butterfly knives. The Butterfly knives have some what become Benchmades trademark and in fact on there knives the have a logo of a butterfly. Now in 2009 the company Benchmade employs around 150 people and has moved to Oregon City, Oregon where they still produce over 90% of the company’s knives, and has expanded to making just about every sort of knife that you can think of. Plus many other tools.

Benchmade uses very good quality steel in there knives, and there products are more often then not on the high end of the knife market. Using steel such as 154CM, D2, and CPM S30V steel. Even thought Benchmade makes a good amount of income in the privet market, much of there income comes from military and law enforcement. Benchmade makes auto, hunting, fishing and the list goes on and on but there balisongs are still at the core of there products.

Benchmade has a tradition of working with world renowned knife makers. Names such as Ernest Emerson, Mel Pardue, mike snodu, Warren Osborne, Allen Elishewitz, and Bob Lum. Names in the knife world mean quality.

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