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The ultimate goal of all businesses is to increase sales and income. Ideally, we want to attract new customers to our products and encourage repeat purchases. Brand awareness refers to how aware customers and potential customers are of our business and products.

To some, branding might not feel like a tangible aspect of running a business as it cannot be quantified directly in terms of money. But, branding is the reason people may pay three times for a product at one store over another.

However, with limited resources, creating a brand identity can be a challenge. But here are some of the ideas on building brand awareness which would be beneficial for a company if integrated with other market research technologies.

They are:

• Identify and understand your target customers
• Create a company name, logo, and slogans
• Add value through packaging, location, service, special events, etc.
• Do invest on Advertising
• Have an after-sale follow-up and customer relations management

So let us see how to start creating brand awareness.

1. It is important that the message of what a brand is offering to the consumer should be consistent. Big Bazaar™, for example, offers fresh, high-quality foods for purchase and advertises the advantages that their goods can provide. So the impressions we hope to make on consumers and potential consumers should be consistent across various mediums, situations, and promotional attempts.

2. The image we present should be consistent in order to increase brand awareness. It is important that we are consistent in use of image so that we maximize recognition and positive impressions. For example, the image has to be consistent, on the products we produce, on the receipt consumers receive after purchase, on the bags customers carry out of the store, and in many of distributed informational material.

3. The slogans and taglines we use should be consistent throughout mediums and material. Once again, consistency is important in conveying a message that promotes awareness of a brand in an organized, recognizable manner. Big Bazaar tagline, “Is se sasta aur accha kahin nahi!” (Translation: None other offer such cheap and best products), is consistent throughout its promotional materials, website, and logo. It presents the consumer with an image that in the future the consumer can continue to associate with our products. Creating brand awareness, through a collaborative, well-developed overall image, is essential to develop a successful brand that achieves maximum benefits.

The next point would be how to maintain Brand Awareness. It is important to keep working at the issues and activities identified above. We have to pay attention to how customers are responding to products, packaging, displays, and messages. Always we have to look for ways to improve the image we are trying to get across. Ask your customers for suggestions. Work to maintain a consistent presence in the market place.

Having identified the importance of creating brand awareness and ways to achieve it, it certainly pays well for an organisation having brand awareness programs.

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