Designing Creative And Unique Business Cards!

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The idea behind designing an unusual business card is to make a positive impression and ensure that the recipients of the cards don’t forget you and your business anytime soon. The key to successfully designing unique cards is in remembering to be professional while being creative. Your card should make people smile, take notice and remember your brand in a good light!

Before you begin brainstorming about different design options, make sure you hire a reputed graphic design company for making your business cards. For a really impressive design you need the services of a professional, and when it comes to experimenting with design, experience and skill become all the more important. You’ll need someone with a keen eye and sound judgement to decide what works and what doesn’t.

When you’re playing around with ideas, be mindful of your industry and position. Some trades such as designing, styling, cooking, etc. allow for more creative expression given their somewhat more relaxed nature. However, other professions like banking and finance, law, medicine etc. have a more ‘serious’ profile and thus you’ll have to find a way to be unique while also being reserved, polished and classy.

Never underestimate the kind of impact something as small as a business card can have: so, before you decide to walk the creative route, take a moment to think about the kind of expression that your field allows for.

Don’t be afraid of colour. Most cards, even today, continue to use tones like white, ivory, cream and beige. While these classic options certainly suffice, they don’t always make an impression. Have fun with colour and pick bright, bold colours to make your cards pop. You can go in for two-toned cards, where you use a different background colour for either side. If you can think of a colour that compliments/ has a link to your line of work, that’s a great way to play up the association. Remember though, colours immediately give off a fun vibe, and if you’re in a ‘serious’ line of work, they might not be appropriate.

Display some of your work on your business card. You can use a high quality image of a product or service of yours to add some visual appeal to your business cards. Another great way to incorporate visuals is to have your graphic designers use a faded version of the photo as the background of your business card. If you’re in the bakery business, add some yummy shots of cupcakes; if you’re a designer include a sketch of your latest designs: images are a great way to jazz up the card and add a branding twist to your business card.

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