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The Internet Marketing Center is probably best known for their IMC Course which was originally developed by Corey Rudl. Sadly, Corey Rudl died in 2005, however the Internet Marketing Center is still in business, and eBook Pro is the company’s eBook compiler software.

Two of the main features which are used to promote the program are its viral marketing capabilities:

1. The eBook Pro software includes an option to capture contact information from every person who reads the eBook (readers have to fill in a form before they start reading), and authors can choose exactly what type of contact information their eBook will collect from First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Company, Address, City, ZIP or Postal Code, State or Province, Country and Phone Number. Furthermore, I understand that eBook Pro is compatible with, and integrates with, the Internet Marketing Center’s Mailloop e-mail/contact management software.

2. The eBook Pro software also allows eBooks to include an option (enabled or disabled at the author’s discretion) to email a friend (and thus support viral email marketing). Authors who choose to enable this feature in their eBooks can also customize the viral email message to suit their requirements.

As well as the above features, eBook Pro also incorporates a security feature (based around password codes verified over the Internet) to prevent unauthorized distribution of eBooks. The software also includes capabilities for customizing the eBook’s toolbar (you can add your company’s logo), choosing a desktop icon for the eBook, enabling or disabling printing and so forth. At the time of writing the eBook Pro web site also lists a number of bonuses. It is my understanding that exactly what bonuses are offered may vary from time to time.

The current version of eBook Pro as of 13th May 2008 (when this article was written) is eBook Pro 6.0. The web site states the software is compatible with Windows 98 SE, Windows 2K, Windows ME and Windows XP, but not compatible with the Apple Macintosh. I could not find any information about whether eBook Pro 6.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, at least not at the time of writing, so if you want to find out I suggest check their web site for updated information, or failing that contact them.

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