Experience the Vibrant Night Life of England

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England has so any things in store for its visitors who are on their dog friendly holidays. Accommodations will never be a problem because there are several luxurious holiday cottages wherever you go. As far as attractions are concerned, you will never run out of places to include in your itinerary. From ancient forts, beautiful castles and mansions, interesting museums, lush gardens, lovely coastlines, and pristine beaches. Going around the country is easy and convenient because of the availability of transportation options like the trains, buses, taxis, and bicycles. There are also several great restaurants and cafes anywhere in the country which serves various delicious food. It would be very easy to fill your day with many fascinating things to do and amazing places to visit. If you want more fun at night, you can visit the different bars, pubs, and nightclubs which are just stone’s throw away from the different holiday cottages where you should stay during your dog friendly holidays.

Koola Bar

Make the most of your dog friendly holidays by visiting different attractions both during the day and likewise at night. This pat of the country boasts of lively night bars and pubs. The Koola Bar is one of the best venues to enjoy an exciting night out with friends and family. You can leave the children in your comfortable holiday cottages and go to the Koola Bar which is just near the Chy Bar. Try out some authentic English “pub classics” meals and great drinks while relaxing in its friendly and comfortable environment. Enjoy a night filled with lively music and hit tunes chosen by the best energetic DJs in England. Aside from the great food and exciting music, the location of the bar along the seaside makes it even more interesting which is why a lot of flock there after the sun sets. The Koola Bar is located close to the luxurious holiday cottages so going home would not be much of a problem. During your dog friendly holidays, you should not miss going to the Koola Bar.

Bertie’s Nightclub

After a day filled with sightseeing, you can always go back to your holiday cottages and have a good night’s rest. However, if you feel you haven’t gotten enough for the day and have much energy left for a party night, you can always go the bars and nightclubs for a special night out during your dog friendly holidays. Right in the heart of Newquay, you will find the popular Bertie’s Nightclub where you can experience some of the most exciting and amazing night. This is a great party place and a lot of guests go to this place especially during summer. If you are in the area for your dog friendly holidays, you must go not fail to enjoy at Bertie’s Nightclub.

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