How to Get More Customers and Sell a Lot More Cars by Spreading Your Message

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Will you really implement great marketing on a budget?


Of course the over-priced marketing “gurus” or advertising reps won’t tell you this. These are the individuals who want you to believe “marketing” requires an huge investment over a prolonged amount of time–which can solely be done by the pros.

“Image,” “brand,” “awareness,” and “exposure” they cry… as they inch closer and closer to your wallet.

Then of course they bewilder you with industry jargon just so you have no way of knowing what’s being done and what sort of results you’ll be able to actually expect with such a campaign.

That’s hard enough to stomach for a rich dealer, let alone a small, used car dealer who won’t fathom spending $3000 for one ad simply to “get their name out there” and “hopefully” generate some leads.

But we’re here to inform you this whole promoting thing doesn’t need to be sophisticated or even that expensive. In fact advertising and design firms want you to think it is, because that’s how they make their money – charging small businesses, like car dealers, a lot of money to manage a process that looks terribly complex.

In truth, maintaining a quality image and building a sturdy brand is actually pretty easy…and we’re about to teach you some high-end promoting and publicizing tricks you’ll be able to implement immediately-even on a budget.

Here’s the deal. A lot of what individuals think regarding branding and image doesn’t really count. What matters is that you sell cars. And from experience, spending a large amount of money on a high-end design business won’t necessarily achieve those goals either.

Don’t get me wrong– having a professional and polished image can make a huge difference in developing trust with prospective clients. And a spiffy look will assist you look bigger and better than you really are (and a lot more safe than your other used automotive competitors).

BUT, it doesn’t need a small wealth to get the job done.

With the data given in this article, you’ll learn the tools and ways essential to tidy up your look and makeover your entire image – including your brand, business cards, stationary, web site, and brochures – in about 2 weeks for not much more than a ninety nine Taurus at the auction.

So with that said, here are our best suggestions in beefing up your dealership’s promoting and branding efforts on a dime:

1. Don’t Waste Money on “Perfect”- Good Enough is Good Enough

Nobody cares about your logo or website more than you do. So don’t get anxious and fanatical about the process and spend more cash (and time) than necessary on these things.

Simply shoot for a polished, professional and simple look. You don’t need funky, over the top or award winning designs.

Ideally, you’ll need to work with a designer to make sure a clean and professional site or logo, however simply know from the start you won’t need the most expensive package or the unnecessary bells and whistles they have to offer.

2. Brandscending

Yes, we made this word up. It’s a mixture of branding and transcend. What we mean by brandscend is to emerge above traditional branding plan. Most people think branding is something that is accomplished over an extended amount of your time with a heap of effort and money. That’s true.

However that’s not the only method to achieve a sturdy brand presence and a solid image (which of course nobody within the business will ever tell you).

Therefore rather than listening to the marketing reps and taking out an expensive “branded” ad for 10 months straight simply to “get your name out there”, you’d do just as well with your money developing and maintaining a refined image and steadily utilizing it in all your efforts –i.e. signs, commercials, mail, print ads, shirts, letters and site, to further promote the worth of your brand.

3. Company Identity

The average worth for a corporate identity package (logo, letterhead, business cards and envelopes) from a reputable design firm is about $3,000. Ouch!

But did you know that several very gifted graphic designers moonlight as self-employed entrepreneurs? And without the costly overhead of running a firm, their rates are MUCH cheaper. And by much less, we mean as much as 90% less.

Yes! Meaning you’ll get a complete and professional company ID package for as little as $300 by working with some on-line outlets. Merely search “company identity” on Google and you may find a long list of options.

Everything Else

Once equipped with your new look and emblem, you can hire a local graphic designer (or one of the people you found online) to apply that logo to your signs and banners. You’ll visit an embroidery store and have your logo added to golf shirts and hats. You’ll find the best site to get distinctive name tags with your new design.

The sky is the boundary. You’ll be shocked how proud you’ll be to show your new image in as many ways as you can. And you must – that’s how you make it pay off.

Who This Doesn’t Apply To

If you’re the sort of person who will require an executive board meeting to make a decision on new logos and also the headline for your website these concepts probably aren’t for you.

Simply like it’s not always convenient to shop around or clip coupons for the best deal, you’ll need to be ready to be versatile and somewhat patient when dealing with people via the internet. That’s the trade off to buy a brand new fancy look for your business for dimes on the dollar.

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