Looking for a New Place to Spend Your Next Vacation? Then Try Oman and Muscat Hotels

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Oman is situated in the Middle East on the Arabian Peninsula. The capital is Muscat. Compared to some of its neighboring countries Oman does not have the same amount of oil wealth. This is why Oman switched to other types of industries such as tourism. This has resulted in the country preserving its vast rich heritage, which is in stark contrast to some of its neighbors that invested heavily in real estate. Basically, Oman is the place to go to if you want to experience the classic Arabian experience. The best place to start is by staying at Oman hotels.

So what is the big deal about Oman, and why is it turning into the next big thing in tourism as far as the Middle East is concerned? There are several reasons for Oman’s tourism potential. Being located on the coast means it has some great beaches and beach related activities. These include snorkeling, fishing surfing and so on. The beaches themselves are well kept and pristine. If you are into mountains then Oman has plenty of mountain trekking destinations. It is not difficult to find guided tours to the mountains while staying at Muscat hotels. There are many international tour operators operating from Muscat. The mountains stretch down from north to south along the coast.

Muscat manages to draw the largest amounts of vacationers compared to anyplace else in Oman. This city boasts of many market places called “Souks” which attract shoppers from all over the world. After Muscat the next popular place to visit is the city of Salalah. This town is very different in weather and landscape compared to Muscat. Salalah is located near the sea and does not quite have the desert feel like Muscat. This is where most of the nice beaches are located. Camping is also a popular activity in Oman. The 2 best places to go to for camping are at Wadi Bani Awf and Ras el Jinz. Nizwa is the city to go to if you are into historical monuments.

Like with any other vacation destination, if you plan on going on Muscat holidays you will need to book early to get a room at most Muscat hotels. This is because the earlier the rooms are booked the better choices you will have. The tourist season is usually between June and December. During this time of the year the weather is the most pleasant in Oman. During the day it will be sunny and hot. At night the temperatures will drop to more pleasant temperatures.

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