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It’s an internet age and to make your business survive you need it. No activity without the internet can be assumed these days. It may happen you have good website to market the product but still sales are not shooting. They are not coming to half of what you have forecast. You may be a copywriter, free lancer or small business owner but you are not able to figure out what is wrong, why your sales figures are not so impressive despite of the fact your product has all the capabilities and features to get popular.

People usually think blogging is for entertainment and fun. They regard blogging as a recreational activity and thinks it’s a tool for teenagers and youngsters and nothing else. But slowly and steadily the perception about blogs are changing. The small and medium business owners are realizing that blogging is a very powerful tool to market the product and placing the product new market as well. Blogs provide exposure to the product and company at global level at very small cost. It helps company to increase its revenue and its targets. Any company utilizing the power of blogs can survive the era of competitive environment easily.

We are providing ten reasons why marketing authorities these days believe blogging is essential for business. (Points are not in any specific order).

1. Accountability: Blogging is like writing in your spiral note book. The only difference is that nobody reads that note book except you. By blogging you paste your idea on the web and million can read it and even you can get a feedback on that. The feedback which you get on your idea can be utilize to fulfill you ambition and goal, as you are force to accomplish that very idea you posted.

2. Networking: Blogging helps in increasing the business to business networking. If you are blog Design Company, it would be in your interest to have relation with website hosting company to get offers and deals for your clients. If in case you supply pets then networking with company which provides food for pets or shelter can prove to be beneficial. All you have to showcase your product in their shelter. So blogging can help to build the connection and business network on daily basis.

3. Expansion: The expansion here we are talking is in terms of knowledge. For most the people it’s very difficult to write 1- 2 articles daily. Well by blogging you have to read and learn daily and this in turn increases your knowledge. Unless you read blogs daily you cannot get ideas for new blogs post or marketing idea to expand the business. So blogging expands your knowledge sphere.

4. Increase your Exposure: if you want to foray in to new market or want to get exposure for your new product then blogs would be much cheaper and faster medium to achieve it. The usual mode to advertize like bill board stands nowhere near blogging. By blogging you get chance to converse directly to your potential customer while in case of bill board it’s not the case.

5. One step ahead: Blogging is definitely a new age mantra. You won’t find many companies having blogs. Have you ever seen blogs of locksmiths or pet suppliers? I guess the answer is no and that where the opportunity lies. If you start using bogs then you would be ahead of your competitors as future is of blogs.

6. Search engine in love with blogs: You must be wondering what blogs have to do with search engine, why we are talking about the search engines. Let me tell you if somebody is searching for your company or some companies just like one you have then it would be in your interest to have your name listed on the result page at the top. As search engines is programmed to put blogs ahead of the websites so it would be in your interest to write blogs with some catchy words which is generally typed in query box.

7. Social Media: With the help of blogging you can penetrate in to completely new market of customers. It helps you to build your company image .There are many companies which are utilizing the power of blogging very effectively and efficiently. They are creating awareness about their product through social media like blogs.

8. Informing clients and customers: There are many companies which are giving great deals of offers online. They asked customer to read the blog first and answer the easy question to win attractive prizes. The companies are also informing customers about the correct usage of products through blogs only and even entertain the customer queries regarding product.

9. Authority: If you have a good knowledge about the product and services, it’s advisable to blog it down. It will help you to build an image in the minds of people. They will regard your rich knowledge and you start gaining trust. You already know lot about them so the potential clients trust and faith in you can help you a lot. All you have to do is write a simple blog.

10. Showcase the best: If you are a small business owner then you have to show case your best work. There are many photographers which shoot and post their best work online so that the potential clients can see them. They constantly post the pictures so they can attract some buyers. There is a simple formula in blogs, more number of visitors more the number of clients.

The showcasing mantra is not just for photography; you can post the things about your new product or design as well. All you have to do is showcase your product and your business on daily basis.

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