Places of Tourist Interest in Spain – Zaragoza

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A part of the Aragon province, Zaragoza traces its history to the Roman period. According to historians, a tribe called Iberians was living in Zaragoza which was just a village then. Now this tiny village has grown into a tourist centre with many historical buildings and is one of the moderately populated cities of Spain. The city has a semi arid climate and temperature touches 40 degree centigrade during summer. However, the city has all the amenities to beat the heat of the summer and to make the tour memorable. Now let us go round the city of Zaragoza:

Cathedral La Seo:

Every tourist makes it a point to visit this beautiful Cathedral which is the best example of typical Gothic architecture. Interestingly, part of the cathedral also reflects Romanic, Arab and Renaissance architecture. This suggests that additions have been made to the cathedral in later years. According to historical records, the cathedral has been built during the years 1119 to 1520. The interior of the cathedral is richly decorated. The museum which is a part of the cathedral has in its possession some priceless works of painting by some of the most renowned painters and artists of Spain like Fransisco Gova and Fransico Bavea. The towers of the cathedral are luxuriously illuminated which presents a most spectacular view during night time.

Moorish Palace:

The best example of Moorish architecture, the palace is believed to have been built by Arab Sultans in the 11th century. Historical records also mention that King Ferdinand installed one of the most fabulous thrones in this palace. The palace has an inner court yard, pools, mosque and fountains. The palace is popular for its interlocking arches. This beautifully designed palace is luxuriously decorated.

Basilica de Nuestra Senora del pilar:

Located on the banks of River Ebro, this Basilica has been built in the 16th century. The Basilica is one of the most important religious destinations for many people visiting Zaragoza. A tiny but immaculately beautiful statue of Virgin Mary has been installed in this Basilica. The legend says that Virgin Mary stood on a pillar while she was appearing before St James while giving instructions for building a church. In fact, the Basilica takes its name from the pillar on which Virgin Mary stood. The interior of the Basilica has some of the rarest works of art and artifacts. The annual festival of Basilica is held on October 12 and it attracts large number of tourists from far and wide.

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