Pro Tips for Efficient Job Applicant Tracking

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Did you ever wonder how job recruitment agencies sort through thousands of applications on a daily basis and accurately place people in companies? The answer is job applicant tracking. Now, these companies don’t use just any software, they make use of the leading applicant tracking software available on the market. If you want to expand your business, you will need to hire highly qualified people to help you grow. The only way to truly reach your business goals is to recruit employees like the pros. The following pro tips will help you make efficient use of the latest advancements in job applicant tracking.

Pro Tip #1 – Reduce manual labor.

The pros understand that efficiency in recruiting is essential. Being a business owner, you aren’t going to have time to manual sift through thousands of applicants and make an informed decision. Leading applicant tracking software can reduce the amount of manual labor you need to do considerably. It may take some time to get used to the software, but once it is up and running, you’ll be able to scan resumes into the system and have the data at your fingertips in an organized, searchable database.

Pro Tip #2 – Reduce errors and face time.

Meeting with applicants can be a time consuming process, especially when all you really need is for them to enter their personal information onto a few forms and consent to a background check. Instead of meeting with applicants, waiting while they fill out forms and spending countless hours transferring the information on the paper forms into your job applicant tracking system, you can do it all in one step. Sounds too easy? It really is, but it works and you’ll be able to reduce the amount of errors too. The solution is to find a tracking system with a web interface that allows applicants to securely login and enter in their personal information and give consent to background checks. You’ll save loads of time and your hiring process will be sped up dramatically.

Pro Tip #3 – Reduce hiring risks with a built-in background checks.

Prior to this advancement in pre-employment screening software, the process of conducting background checks was somewhat of an obstacle course. Now many leading applicant tracking systems offer an integrated solution to performing background checks. The features are all designed to facilitate a smooth process that reduces time, manual data entry and risk for the employer or hiring agency and the applicant.

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