Purchasing Astral Projection Books – Hot Tips to Get the Best

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People in search of astral projection books will find innumerable books, eBooks, articles, and online resources to help them along their journey. Reading books alone will not help anybody experience an astral travel; but books do go a long way in motivating, teaching, informing, and instructing aspiring astral projectors.

There are 2 categories of astral travel books. One category speaks about the experience of astral projection, describing it in detail. The other category is a collection of experiences or case studies. Both are informative and educative and serve the purpose of giving readers the best information about the phenomenon.

My Witch Shop is a great online bookstore for some excellent books on astral travel. Titles such as “Have An Out-Of-Body Experience in 30 Days” by Pamela Weintraub and Keith Harary, “How to Travel to Other Dimensions” by Dragonstar and Panchadasi, “Astral Projection for Beginners,” by Edain McCoy, and “Flying Without a Broom” by D J Conway, to mention a few, are available at this website. Before purchasing these OOBE books, you can read the reviews and decide for yourself whether the book is worthy of your money.

Best Book Buys is also a great place to purchase astral traveling books. This fascinating online venue allows you to not only browse titles, but also compare prices of the same book available in different online bookstores. For instance, the title “Out of Body Adventures: 30 Days to the Most Exciting Experience of Your Life” by Rick Stack is listed at Best Book Buys. If you click the compare prices option next to it, you will be taken to a page that gives you a list of online book stores that stock this title along with the prices. Links to readers’ comments to the book are also available. If the title interests you, you can purchase the title directly from this page.

Visit The Astral Library for some more exciting titles. This site, however, only gives a list of great books on astral traveling. There are no reviews, but a star rating is provided, which might give readers an idea of the quality of the book. Some five-star titles are “The Projection of the Astral Body,” by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington and “Leaving the Body – a Complete Guide to Astral Projection,” by D Scott Rogo.

Would you like to read some free literature on astral travel just to whet your appetite for the subject and make you long for more? Of course, the free stuff is not as good as the paid stuff. But you could still try to Google the term “free astral projection books” and check out the results. There are a large number of free eBooks on the subject available.

Remember that you can read as many books as you like about the subject. But reading books alone will not help you experience an out of body experience. For this, you need practice, practice, and practice. Books only serve the purpose of educating, informing, and preparing you for the biggest experience of your life-astral projection.

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