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Sofia is the first biggest city in the country of Bulgaria. The city has a population of one point four million citizens who live in the suburb of this city. Sofia, Bulgaria is composed of many churches since the people of this region are very religious. The place also has a lot of attractions to share with locals as well as foreign visitors who visit this country.

There are a number of attractions that you can look forward to once you arrive at his great destination. You will also get the opportunity of learning Sofia, Bulgaria culture, and history since the ancient times. Traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria only takes a few hours depending on the mode of transportation that you are using.

Major Attractions

Sofia has a lot to offer to when it comes to touring around the town. Apart from churches and museums that are found in this great city, there are parks and galleries that have been put in place for tourist attraction. Here are some of the fascinating attractions that are found in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This ancient infrastructure was built in the twentieth century as an attribute to two hundred thousand Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussian and Bulgarian soldiers who died in the eighteen seventy-seven Russo Turkish was. It is also one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world.

Sofia University

This is one of the oldest learning institutes found in Sofia. The institution was built in eighteen eighty-eight and covers a land area of eighteen thousand, six hundred and twenty-four meters squared.

National History Museum

The national history museum was founded in nineteen seventy-three and is one of the largest museums in the country of Bulgaria. The museum is located in the southern region of Boyana.

Vasil Levski Stadium

This outstanding stadium was named after the great hero of Bulgaria known as Vassil Levski. The multifunctional stadium is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Boyana Church

Boyana church is a monumental infrastructure that is built next to Mount Vitosha. The church represents the great culture of the European people and has been preserved as a sight attraction for visitors.

Ivan Vazov National Theater

This is the biggest theater in Sofia, Bulgaria located on the eastern side of the country’s capital city. The theater is not only the biggest but also the oldest of them all.

Where to Eat

Too much traveling will not only get you exhausted but hungry as well. That is why you need this reference guide, to direct to the best hotels and restaurants found in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here are some of the hotels that you can visit during your trip to this great city:

The Grand Hotel Sofia

This five-star hotel is located in the city center and offers great services and accommodation at a very affordable cost.

Niky Hotel

Niky hotel can be described as simple yet elegant. The hotel has very beautiful rooms that are very spacious and well managed. It only takes thirty minutes to drive from the capital city to this incredible hotel.

Sofia Hotel Balkan

Sofia hotel is a luxurious hotel that is decorated with glittering large chandeliers. Although the hotel is a bit expensive compared to the rest, staying in this great hotel comes with a number of great discounts.

Hilton Sofia

Hilton Sofia is as state of the art hotel that is very large in size and has a total of two hundred and forty-five rooms. The hotel is located on the southern side of Sofia’s national palace.

Sofia Princess Hotel

Welcome to the biggest hotel in Balkans. This astounding hotel has very spacious rooms and offers a variety of activities to guests such as swimming, working out and other sports.


Keeping up to date with what is new in the world of marketing is not an issue when it comes to this great city of Sofia, Bulgaria. There are a number of places where you can conduct your shopping, depending on what you are looking for. Here are some of the most convenient stores that you can shop in, during your visit.

Ladies Market

The name of this place describes what to expect even before you start shopping. Ladies market is a shopping mall for ladies clothes. Here ladies can find all sorts of outer-wear from shoes to world-class designers gear.

Center for Folk Arts & Crafts

Center for Folk Arts and crafts is an incredible spot where you can find colorful handbags and woven rugs. The place also retails jewelry and rose oil as part of their package.

Tsum Retail Center

Tsum trail center has been in existence since nineteen fifty-six. The shopping mall is divided into different floors with different brands offering different commodities.

Central Hali Shopping Center

This is an elegant shopping place that was created in nineteen eleven. The mall consists of shops and a few cafes that serve wine, vegetable as well as pasties.

Mall of Sofia

Mall of Sofia is the busiest mall in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Most different brands from different regions are situated in this shopping mall for an exhibition.

Where to Have Fun

Entertainment is part of your trip when you visit Sofia, Bulgaria. Apart from old monuments and churches that are found in this great country, there are also other facilities that are meant for fun and entertainment. Below are some of these places that you can visit purposely for entertainment:

The Red House

This unique mansion is reserved as an institution for poetry reading as well as political debate ground. However, in most cases, you will find cultural debates and dance performances taking place at the event.

Pri Kmeta

This is a unique bar that offers its own brewed beer. The place is well decorated, with loud music and dance performance being carried out during the weekends.

Toba & Co

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cocktail at the same time, then this place would be perfect for you. The place also serves delicious cakes and other snacks that are only found here.


Chervilo is great spot to be in during the night. The place is ever crowded, but there is always plenty of room left out. Most people come here for drinks and also to enjoy live music mixing from DJs.

Lavazza Espression

This is a small café that is located in the city center of Sofia, Bulgaria. Here you can order for coffee and sandwiches that are very tasty and well made.

How to Get Around

Getting around Sofia, Bulgaria is very easy because of convenient means of transportation that is well facilitated in this place. You can either travel around the city by bus, the train or even plane. There are also specific places that are reserved for bus terminals and train stations.

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