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Going on vacation can be a fun and relaxing time, but it can also be very tempting. As if your everyday life wasn’t bad enough, on holiday’s people seem to let their inhibitions loose and go wild. If this doesn’t sound like the holiday that you want for yourself or for your family, then take a Christian Hawaii vacation.

Hawaiian hotels are very open and giving, and you’ll be surprised to see anyone turned away. There are a few hotels that like to cater for specific groups of people, and you will find many that like to cater for Christian families. There are tour groups that will help you to get started on your way by organising trips and activities for the members. Join in on a tour of Honolulu and witness the wonders of Oahu with your fellow believers. Church services will be provided, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on your weekly service.

Parents love to take their entire families on these vacations, because Christian kids clubs on the Hawaiian Islands are always welcoming to new people. Let your children have fun with people their own age, and see them making friends with people from different cultures and states. The minders will all be certified, and your child will learn something without even knowing it.

If you have yet to start a family, or you want to get away from yours, then there are many couple friendly Christian hotels on the Islands. Enjoy Bible studies and talks with couple who are going through the same situations as you, or talk to people who have ‘been there, done that’. Relax in fellowship, or relax by the pool; it’s your holiday.

If you haven’t found that special someone, then a singles Christian holiday tour of Hawaii will be the best place to start looking. Take a tour of the famous Pearl Harbour wreckage, or walk up to the top of a volcano, and share these experiences with other singles. You could find love, companionship, or a pen pal; it’s all a wonderful adventure.

Hawaii isn’t a Christian only destination. The Hawaiian natives have an open and loving nature, and they accept people from all walks of life. Muslims are welcome, as well as Catholics, Buddhists, and atheists. You can learn to surf with a large group of people from all over the world, and join them in a friendly conversation about their views on life and love

Hawaii is the place to be.

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