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Women had always been blessed with a wide variety of selection when it comes to carrying their money with them. They can choose to keep their cash and credit cards with the use of wallets, purses, or money bags and so forth. Men, on the other hand, used to have one choice alone and those are wallets.

Today, however, a new kid on the block has entered the picture; now, men can choose between two things to help them keep their money safe and accessible at all times: wallets and money clips.

The Advantages of Using Wallets for Men

Wider Variety of Selection – There are more designs to choose from with wallets as compared to money clips. Firstly, consider the size. Men’s wallets can either be square shaped – which generally makes a perfect fit with a man’s back pocket – or rectangular shaped, which male users prefer to place inside their coat pockets. Secondly, consider the materials used. Wallets can be made of genuine leather, plastic, or other types of fabric. Thirdly, consider the design itself. Wallets made by Polo, for instance, are famous for their green and black plaid design. Also, it’s important to consider that there are various wallets that are specifically designed to appeal to children.

Non-Cash Item Storage – Wallets have undergone a huge amount of transition throughout the years, evolving in appearance and features to make it more useful to men’s ever changing needs. Now, men’s wallets can also store credit cards, photos, driver’s license and other pertinent IDs, calling cards, and even small change, depending on the design of the wallet.

The Disadvantages of Using Wallets for Men

An Unappealing Bump – Wallets virtually bursting on the seams will create an unappealing bump on your back pocket, thus distorting your appearance from behind. As such, if you wish to make your wallet a seamless part of your pants, you need to decrease the amount of cash and other things you’ve placed in it.

Tendency to Lose Form and Shape – If you make a habit of placing your wallet in your back pocket and sitting on it, time will gradually make your wallet lose its original form and shape.

Wear and Tear – Wallets are more prone to wear and tear than money clips because of the types of material used to make them.

The Advantages of Using Money Clips for Men

Better Accessibility – There’s no need for you to flip it open and close just to get your money. When you have to use your money, all you simply have to do is pull out appropriate bills from the clip.

Durability – No matter how much you sit on them, money clips ‘ because they’re made of steel ‘ will never lose its shape or be prone to wear and tear.

The Disadvantages of Using Money Clips for Men

Poorer Selection – Unlike wallets, money clips give people a rather limited variety of styles, materials, and designs to choose from.

Either choice is acceptable and the winner in the battle between wallets and money clips will always and ultimately depend on the person’s preferences. Of course, if you have a hard time choosing between the two then you can always decide to purchase both. There are after all certain situations where one will be more advantageous to use than the other and owning them both will thus keep your money safe for any eventuality.

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