Ticket Collecting As a Hobby

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Buying lottery tickets is something that a lot of people do and once they find that there ticket has not won them anything they just crumple it and throw it away. Though the ticket was not a winning number it was still worth money. This is because there are a lot of people who would buy such tickets off you though there was no value for them. These tickets can be sold on eBay, the website for auctioning stuff. People ask for lottery tickets which have been disposed off after finding that there was nothing being won on them.

One might wonder why such tickets would be on sale. The fact is that a lot of people collect used lottery tickets as a hobby. This new hobby is called lotology and there are hundreds of such collectors who place advertisements for buying off such tickets from shops and others who have no use for them. There are several website devoted to this hobby and people put up their search for buying such tickets on these sites. A lottery may have different prices, and the buyer will be eligible for it according to the price of the ticket bought. So, if a person buys a cheap ticket, they will be eligible for a lesser buying price.

The interest in used lottery tickets has resulted in a museum being put up with all the merchandise being kept for public viewing. With so many different lottery tickets being available in each state, collectors are obsessed with the need to have as many as possible in their own collections. This hobby is very similar to stamp collections and coin collections where people are always on the lookout for a unique piece which they do not have as yet. Most collectors become obsessive and more so the ticket collector. These people are willing to pay good money for buying used and discarded lottery tickets. Those who have a lot of these tickets are making a business of selling them to collectors. Also, it does not matter the price of the ticket that you collect, because an antique cheap ticket would be worth as much as an antique full value ticket.

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