Top 10 Most Amazing Creatures in the World

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Think you know a lot about the world around you? Our list of the most amazing creatures includes some beautiful as well as scary animals you have not seen before. Try to challenge yourself and look for their names in your head before you read.

  • 10 The Star Nosed Mole

From Wisconsin to Hampshire, this type of mole could be found in the United States. This animal is very good for researchers to study as it has in its nose a number of 22 appendages that the animal uses for receiving sensory information from the outside world, like touch and smell. These appendages allow the mole to have super abilities in smelling and digesting food, though being inherently blind.

  • 9 Leafy Sea Dragon

In the Australian Western coast, this strange leafy creatures were threatened by predators and storms to extinction. The Australian government, admiring this beautiful poor creatures started to protect it. The leafy protrusions of this animal serves as a double sword tool. It allows for the Dragon an efficient camouflage, but at the same time the animal lacks the needed speed to swim fast when any storm happens.

  • 8 Wrinkle-Face Bat

The Wrinkle-Face Bat is fruit bat, that is not legally classified as a fruit bat, is mostly found in South America. The bat’s face is wrinkled like an aging human being and with not so much hair in the face, the animal will make you creepy if not scary.

  • 7 Mata Mata

In South America the Mata Mata is found with its unique and natural camouflage apparatus. It is a turtle of about 20 inches and 30 pounds that used to fool many fish and sea creatures of being nothing but a group of leaves or a piece of wood where they might go to rest to find themselves eaten.

  • 6 Glass Frog

This amazing kind of frogs are found primarily in Central America. They are like the ordinary frogs known to many people but as you can see in the photo below, their abdomen is glassy that the inside organs could be seen easily. These beautiful frogs are found in the green and lime green colors.

  • 5 Stick Insect

As we have seen above and as you will see when you read about the amazing creatures in our environment, most of them have an exceptionally unique camouflaging system. The stick Insect or Stick bug is the kind of animal that is found in different places around the world. It looks exactly like a branch of a tree and what increases this effect is its ability to stiffen its body.

  • 4 Sea Pig

The Sea Pig could have been a major character in a Pixar movie! Yet these organs are made for more useful jobs than making people scary. The sea pig uses its legs to look for any kind of organic food in the bottom of the sea then with the help of the tentacles eat them.

  • 3 Slender Loris

This nocturnal cute creature is found in Sri Lanka and India where they eat insects, veggie, beetles and roaches. The last two being toxic, the Slender Loris does the strangest thing to cure it self. They rub their hands and feet with their urine after dinning on these toxic creatures.

  • 2 Geoduck

In North America and Southwestern Canada, this 145-years-long animals live. They are the oldest animals ever lived on planet earth.The shell that covers its upper part is about 20 cm and it weighs about three pounds. This sea creature is highly respected by Asian people who would pay about thirty dollars to get just one pound.

  • 1 The Giant Crab

In the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, the Giant Coconut crab lives. Due to their big size they are able to jump the giant coconut palm tree, that’s why they got their name. The coconut is their primary food, but they feed on grass and nuts as well.

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