Top Attractions for Your Cebu Tour Package

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The Philippine province of Cebu is known all over the world for its colorful street festivities that draws hordes of spectators every year. These celebrations never fail to attract international tourists who are obviously drawn to the resounding rhythm of Cebu’s street beats and magnificent street dancing shows. On top of that, the place is also replete with historical monuments that pays tribute to the past, making a trip to Cebu a virtual tour of Philippine history and culture. Needless to say, there are also various natural scenery that will add up to a traveler’s delightful stay in Cebu. As a brief overview, any of the following highlights can make an unforgettable Cebu tour package.

The Cathedral

Tracing its history from way back in 1591, the Cathedral is one of Philippine monuments that has been a witness to the country’s history of about 400 years under Spanish rule. The original structure was actually built from wood, bamboo, and nipa. It served as the center of a diocese covering the areas of Visayas, Northern Mindanao, and the Marianas Islands.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is a multi-level natural waterfalls system located about 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. It is composed of three levels of waterfalls, each succeeding the other. An uphill trek of 30 minutes from a barangay towards a mountainous area leads to the first waterfall. To reach the second waterfall, another uphill trek of about 15 minutes is needed, and so on until the third level of waterfalls is reached. Shops selling souvenirs are available for visitors who wish to have a memorabilia of their

Kawasan adventure.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument

The Heritage of Cebu Monument is a tableau of sculptures of bronze, brass, concrete, and steel. The sculptures was elegantly designed to depict the history of Cebu through an artistic rendition of different historical scenes. Construction of the monument began in July 1997 and was finally completed in December 2000.

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro is known as the oldest and smallest tri-bastion fort in the Philippines. It is also the center of the first Spanish settlement in the country. It has a total inside floor area of 2,025 square meters, with walls measuring 20 feet in height and 8 feet thick. Tower height is at 30 feet above ground level. Fort San Pedro also served as an American Warwick Barracks during the American occupation. Later, it also served as classrooms used by Cebu locals to obtain formal education.

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