Top Retirement Destinations in the Philippines

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There are 10, 20 and 100 good reasons to retire in the Philippines, including 7,107 good low tide seasons and 2,000 habitable islands. As a retiree, there are a variety of choices available to you and your spouse. The best locations for retirement in the Philippines are listed below:

  • Metro Manila. Most foreign retirees prefer major cities found in the National Capital Region if they want to enjoy the allure of modern urban lifestyle with assorted entertainment and facilities. Advanced health care facilities, modern malls and contemporary entertainment hubs are accessible so your basic needs and necessities are readily available. It’s easier to adapt in the city’s cosmopolitan culture where a majority of residents speak English fluently. Favored cities for retirement in NCR Philippines are Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Muntinlupa. In 2012, Makati City has been recognized by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) as the “Most Retirement and Aging- Friendly City”.
  • Cebu. A vibrant city for retirement, the next best option to bustling Metro Manila. Various posts in and cited Cebu as the top retirement destination in the Philippines. If you’re looking for peace and quiet while delighting the vibrant, modern city, make Cebu, “The Queen City of the South” your retirement destination. Cebu really is an appealing location for retirees because of its provincial charm and urban sophistication.
  • Davao. It’s where modern meets the old. Retirement in a busy city is complementary to the small town feel in Davao. Developments have risen throughout the area indicating the city’s progress and success, mainly designed to accommodate the escalating number of local and expat communities. Cost of living is more affordable than Cebu and Manila, but tourist destinations are remarkable, making Davao indeed an interesting destination for retirement.
  • Baguio City. If you’re accustomed to a cooler climate, a viable option is to retire in Baguio. Off to the mountains of Cordillera and away from the sweltering heat of the lowlands. The Americans created the famous Kennon Road making Baguio, the Summer Capital of the Philippines more accessible to Americans. The city has a refreshing and serene climate that combines well with modern amenities and facilities that’s why Baguio really is a wholesome place-to-be for your retirement.
  • Calabarzon. The provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon make up Calabarzon. It’s a region that is a favorite among retirees because of its close proximity to Metro Manila. Diverse topography with various attractions in Calabarzon is the key quality that retirees find enticing. Growth and urbanization persist in the region but you can appreciate its rich culture, tradition and history. Tagaytay City is an especially favorite retiree spot located in Cavite, an ideal place with a distinct cool climate and easily accessible to the metropolis.
  • Foreign visitors are more familiar with the island of Luzon. US Military personnel and other nationalities opt to stay in Pampanga where the former US military base the Clark Freeport Zone (in Angeles City) and a home of Americans (in Subic Zambales) were formerly developed to attract and encourage foreign investors to stay for good.
  • Another emerging retirement destination is Palawan, found in the MIMAROPA region where natural diversity and splendid blue waters will invigorate your senses. Puerto Princesa, lauded as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines truly will make the golden years of your life more meaningful.
  • Other up and coming retiree-friendly destinations are Isabela, Aurora and Ilocos regions. Rich natural attractions, developing infrastructures and facilities are sure to make these regions soon to be top destinations.
  • Retirees can find a varied list of retirement options in the island of Visayas. A number of provinces are gaining reputation as first-rate retirement destinations. You can enjoy a budget- friendly standard of living on your retirement in localities with natural charm, including Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete and Bohol.
  • Leyte and Samar gives you the distinct advantage of enjoying the best of both worlds. Although these areas are underdeveloped, modern amenities are accessible. What splendid retirement places Samar and Leyte are with their rustic appeal and unspoiled sceneries. Aklan, home of the world’s best island, Boracay is now recognized as a promising retirement destination.
  • Top contenders are Mindanao and Cagayan de Oro as well, provinces with so much potential where an increasing number of expatriates choose to permanently stay for their retirement. Industrial, commercial and educational sectors are currently improving in these areas, creating a conducive retirement destination for your golden years.

Retire in the Philippines, a country that offers a variety of options for comfortable and good quality living but cost effective, setting it apart from other destinations in the world as the ideal places to settle down in your golden years. From the words of writer M. Sony “Retire from work, but not from life”. Your busy and hectic lifestyle was exciting as it was during the heydays of your life, but move into another transition to enjoy the fruits of your labor and appreciate yourself and your family. What better way to relish the golden autumn of your life, your retirement years in the tropical paradise of the Philippines.

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