Traveling With a Puggle

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Planning on a holiday away from home and wonder how your dog will take to the travel? If you have a Puggle, you don’t have to worry. Besides their other endearing characteristics, Puggles are calm and gentle dogs that travel well be it by car, airplane, train or boat. All you need to do is to be sure that your Puggle ahs been trained and conditioned to accept the restriction that travelling will place on him.

o Puggles adapt to new places more easily than many other dog breeds, so their reaction to travel, new surrounding and places and perhaps being away from the master for a while should not be excessive. However, each dog has its own temperament, and if your Puggles is on the excitable side, consult a vet about giving him a sedative before the journey begins.

o The best way to travel with a Puggle, as with any dog, is to crate him. Light weight plastic travel crates with carrying handles are easily available. Just be sure it is the right size. It should be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in but not so big as to be unwieldy for you to carry.

o Although your Puggle may be used to his regular crate at home, he needs to get used to the new travel one. Get him acclimatized to it slowly, on the lines of how you got him used to his home carte.

o Take him for short outing in the travel crate so he gets used to the idea that this crate is meant for going out.

o The next step is to take him to new places in the crate, so he understand that crate travel means new surroundings.

o Then start leaving him alone in the crate (maybe at a friend’s house) for gradually increasing periods of time. Your Puggle needs to understand that when travelling you may not be able to be with him all the time.

o And finally, get him gradually used to other people (again ask your friends to help) carrying him in the crate. This will happen when you are travelling and he needs to be conditioned to it.

o Puggles have a tendency to bark and your dog could start barking in his travel crate. Remember that this is not bad behavior but caused by nervousness and deal with it firmly but lovingly.

o Remember that when travelling your Puggle may have to be in his crate for longer than either you or he would like. Be sure to take him for a walk an hour before he goes into the crate and again just before placing him into it. Giving him two chances to do his “Business” will reduce the chance of his making a mess in the crate.

o Keeping water in the crate is a balancing act. There are spill proof bowls available for travel applications. You don’t want your Puggle to get thirsty in his crate. But remember that what goes in must come out and if he drinks in his crate, he will have to “go” sooner than if he is not given water for a while.

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