Understanding the Clitoris – A Travel Guide to 8,000 Beautiful Places

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Guys, it’s time to have a heart to heart. We need to talk about your understanding about your lady’s “little man in the boat.”

That’s right, the clitoris. Sad to say. most men don’t really understand this tiny nugget of fleshly pleasure that nature has graced women with. The clitoris is the ONLY organ of the human body that serves absolutely no purpose detectable by medical science other than to provide the most exquisite natural physical pleasure to a woman possible.

Consider that the clitoris, this tiny nub that is the gateway to a woman’s orgasms has over eight thousand nerve endings. Yes, 8,000! That’s twice as many as in the head of your penis. Now also consider that those eight thousand nerve endings are bundled as close as possible in an area smaller than a pencil eraser, though clitoral size varies greatly. Still, the clitoris is tiny, and oh so incredibly sensitive, and needs to approached gently and with much more patience than your throbbing, eager penis which is alway willing to accept what it can get.

In other words guys? It ain’t no cheeseburger, and you gotta go slow!

One of the first mistakes that even well intentioned men make during foreplay in an effort to get their lady’s juices flowing is to immediately make a tongue dive like a starving seagull, making wild hard thrusts at our most sensitive center of her existence.

Well, we know you mean well, but… WRONG! That’s way too early in the game, and direct and forceful stimulation of the clit like that is to be saved for later, if at all, and always needs to be worked up to gradually.

Instead, concentrate on cuddling, and caressing, and soft, gentle passionate chatter. While a bit off topic, start with a back rub or massage, a foot massage, admire and gently appreciate her breasts. And KISS her! Let her know you love her.

At some point in your lovemaking, you’ll naturally gravitate towards the delights of oral pleasure, and as much as you love to have your cock sucked, try to be fair as to who gets to go first in this area. You guys have it easier you know, and your orgasm is almost a guarantee, while many if not most women need things to unfold in a more just right fashion to cum at all. Nature though, some say, more than made up for that by awarding women the incredible gift of the ability to have multiple orgasms.

Now, back to the center of her universe. Rather than make a bee line and attack the clitoris in fierce fashion, start first by admiring the entire surrounding area. Gently knead the area above with your fingertips. Massage along the sides of her vagina. Start delivering some soft kisses t these areas, then gently plant kisses around the entire area, maybe blowing softly here and there as well.

At this point, do NOT shove half your hand into her, okay? Rather, be aware of her body and how it’s liking this. If you hear a soft sigh or moan when you do something in particular? Do it AGAIN. If her hips move it towards you hungrily? You’re making a good impression.

When you know that she wants more, then you can start to address this sweet nub of pleasure. At first, kiss it gently, blow softly on it. Gently nudge it back and forth but without directly touching it. Then, let your tongue gently, and we mean GENTLY, wiggle over it a few times. Wet a finger or two with your saliva and try caressing it, but not directly at first. Massage the hood in the beginning. Make her want more.

If she’s responding favorably, and her body’s movements should be telling you that yea or nay, slowly build the action. When she tells you verbally that something in particular feels good? Keep doing it. Sometimes her signs will be involuntary, and those clues are just as good. Repetition rules when this happens, but you’ll have to learn how far and long to go before she gets bored or insensitive.

Now and then, take a break and leave it with a kiss, and briefly switch your attention to another area of her body, anywhere, just do something nice to her breasts or thighs, or slide back up briefly and kiss her, ask her if she likes it.

Then? Go back and do some more. At this stage, a finger or two inside the vagina is appropriate, as well as licking her labia. If you know how to find her G spot (and if you don’t we’ll address that at another time). Vary the way you use your tongue on her clit. Gently poke it, flicker it slowly, or even quickly, back and forth, or up and down, take long broad licks with the flat of your tongue. And when she likes something? Do it again and again. And remember it for the future.

At some point, if things are going well, her clit might seem to disappear, hiding under the hood. This is a GOOD thing and it means she’s on the edge of cumming. Speed things up here and keep doing what you’re doing and get ready to enjoy her crash into the land of “la petit mort” what the French call the “little death.”

A woman’s orgasm is perhaps one of the most beautiful things in the world to witness, and consider that you are right there at the center of it, having contributed to it even.

All women cum differently, but in general, their orgasm is a series of involuntary spasms, from three to fifteen convulsions of the anus, pelic muscles, uterus and vagina, a glorius ride of pleasureable waves.

And women can have multiple ones, too. But don’t be jealous. Learn to please her and her natural gratitutude will flow from her in her reciprocal desires to pleasure you more than ever before. A man who learns to do this and show that he truly loves to as well will never be lonely forever.

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