Why Timeshare In Cyprus Will Survive The Economic Slump

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The Mediterranean island has been a popular tourist resort for holidaymakers of all ages for several decades, with the sun-drenched summer months attracting young partygoers to the clubbing resort of Ayia Napa and other tourists to the cultural hotspots of Papahos, Limassol and Larnaca. Timeshare in Cyprus, while not quite as popular as in some other Mediterranean destinations, has brought a steady wave of tourists to the island, but recent fears about selling and buying timeshares safely has resulted in a decline in the number of people taking shared ownership vacations.

Situated in the furthest south-eastern corner of Europe, surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has a lot going for it as a tourist destination and is likely to emerge from the current drop in foreign visitors that has forced some businesses to close down. Being an isolated country, it is reliant on the visitors that timeshare in Cyprus and other tourist channels bring, however there may prove to be light at the end of the tunnel for those who work in the country’s tourism sector. An increase in the number of people renting out their timeshares to save on costly maintenance fees will see an increased level of tourism and also means that holidaymakers will arrive in the country with more money to spend as they will be getting a great deal on their accommodation. There is then an increased likelihood that these people taking advantage of the rental market may look into buying timeshare weeks while they are abroad if they particularly enjoy their stay.

The country itself has a lot to offer holidaymakers. With a very temperate climate and an array of sandy beaches, it is a classic summer holiday destination that offers a more affordable alternative to longer haul trips such as the Caribbean or Goa. Budget airlines offer reduced fares to Larnaca from various UK airports, while those who are buying timeshares on the secondary market will find that they can in many instances pick up weeks for a nominal amount due to the sheer number of sellers. As a result there is great value to be had from timeshare in Cyprus, with several luxury resorts such as Paradise Kings Club and Panaretis Royal Coral Bay Resort offering a standard of accommodation that ordinary hotel complexes are unable to match.

The country has begun to attract other types of tourism too, with football in Cyprus very much on the rise and bringing a welcome economic boost. The feats of APOEL, the Cypriot football league champions based in the capital Nicosia, in reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League has brought the country into the limelight and attracted visitors from around Europe. The increased exposure is likely to have a beneficial impact on the number of people buying timeshare in Cyprus, hopefully resulting in the re-growth of the tourism sector.

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